Anaam Holding is a publicly listed company with activities in several sectors that historically covered: Livestock, Agriculture, Frozen food wholesale, and Third-party logistics upon company formation.

Today, the company has emerged from its cold-store, agriculture, and logistical services; to a full-fledged Investment firm with a diversified portfolio in 5 main sectors: healthcare, real estate investments, third-party logistics, industrial investments, and the financial service sector.

In 2019, Anaam Holding Group announced its new investment direction and gained fast recognition for its aggressive/ promising growth plan; whilst becoming a key player in the market and Saudi economy for lucrative investment opportunities for large investors and their shareholders in the Saudi stock market.

It evolved from its formation in 1995 as a merger between Al-Mawashi and Al-Mukairish company, with losses of over 90% of its initial capital; to a key player in the Saudi stock market, a major economic booster for its aggressive investments, and a jewel for large corporations seeking investments and acquisition.

Driven by ambition and a strong work ethic, the company has seen extensive growth and major transformation as the stock yielded 5 times the growth fold over the past 3 years. After hitting rock bottom, the Holding Group underwent a major corporate turnaround – yielding outstanding results for its shareholders & stakeholders with its impressive investment portfolio.

Today, Anaam Holding group is a key player both locally and internationally for impressive investment opportunities and is renowned for its aggressive growth plans.

Anaam Holding Group is a leading Saudi public company focusing on income-generating assets and driving economic prosperity in Saudi Arabia. With strategic investments across diverse sectors, Anaam Holding Group plays a crucial role in shaping the Kingdom’s economic landscape.

Visit Anaam Holding Group’s financials page for real-time stock information from the Tadawul Saudi Exchange. Discover our diversified investments’ performance, turnaround results, and increased capital. Anaam shares are actively traded daily, reflecting our strong presence in the stock market.

Discover Anaam Holding Group’s diversified investment portfolio on our investments page, featuring key sectors such as Industrial, Income Generating Assets, 3rd Party Logistics, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Financial Institutions. Our strategic focus on these sectors ensures robust growth and sustainable returns, highlighting our commitment to driving economic prosperity.
Explore the rich history of Anaam Holding Group, a company that has evolved significantly since its founding. From humble beginnings, Anaam has grown into a leading Saudi public company, diversifying its investments across various sectors. Our journey reflects a legacy of innovation, strategic growth, and a steadfast commitment to economic prosperity in Saudi Arabia.